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The Feasts of the Cross

pope shenouda iii

The Church celebrates the feast of the Cross on the 17th of Tout, (27th or 28th of September), the day of the apparition of the Cross to the Emperor Constantine, and on the 10th of Baramhat (19th of March), the day when the Empress Helen found the wood of the Holy Cross. We want to speak about the spiritual meaning of the Cross, and about the importance and benediction of the Cross, in our lives. The Cross is every difficulty which we suffer in view of our love for God, or for our love for people, for the Kingdom of God in general...

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Veneration of the Cross

pope shenouda iii

One of the differences between Orthodoxy and Protestantism is the Orthodox's wonderful veneration of the cross. Our brethren the Protestants do not sign themselves with the sign of the cross before or after prayer, and say: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” They do not sign food with the sign of the cross before eating, nor do they use the cross to bless people or clothes.

Our brethren the Protestants are content that they believe in the cross in their hearts without using it. Until recently, they were not raising crosses on their churches.   Many of them do not wear crosses and none of them hold crosses in their hands. Also, they do not celebrate the feasts of the cross nor do they make any processions holding crosses whilst singing hymns and praises. They neither kiss the cross nor take a blessing from it.

Now  we  will  try  to  explain  why  Orthodoxy  gives  such importance to the cross and we shall see that making the sign of the cross is beneficial, useful and in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Bible.

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